Vinnitsa National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University offers higher education using the international standards.
The university has dedicated and highly qualified staff that are specialists in particular fields such as Medicine, Medical Psychology, and Pharmacy, Dentistry, Preparatory department for foreign citizens, and post-graduate studies.
The university was founded in 1921. The institution was named after Pirogov in 1960 as National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. It became certified and accredited by IV level of accreditation in 1994. The university holds from 15 to 20 academic conferences, congresses, and symposia every year. 
Almost all the teachers are doctors of science and professors. The University is proud to have among its staff six scientists of Ukraine, four honored workers of Higher Education and Education of Ukraine, 12 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, and six winners of the state prize of Ukraine.
Over the past 13 years, the facilities of dental and pharmaceutical were established, and the training of 5 new professions started.
To facilitate access to information and knowledge, Vinnitsa National Medical University provides 26 computer labs with internet connectivity. Moreover, the University has a foreign relationship with about 19 foreign countries. The Clinical Department is leading.
As part of steps to empower the students, the University established centers for information technologies, diagnostic, research, medical, psychological clinic, dental clinic, etc. these centers are equipped with latest facilities to enhance the learning process.
In order to ensure the optimal performance of students, the university established a system of quality control and training of students.  The established system includes the monitoring of students in each class every day, control of each section of the program, testing the students after 2 to 2½ months after the start of the semester, and the final test and examination. The university has several ways of monitoring and controlling the students.
To further improve the quality of education being given to students, the university created five new courses of study-homeopathy, manual therapy, clinical immunology and allergology, informatics, and extreme medicine.
Foreign nationals can apply to Vinnitsa National Medical University to study, but they must have completed secondary education. Meanwhile, it is expedient to learn Russia and prepare to enter the University.
Meanwhile, Vinnitsa National Medical University can send invitations to international students to enter Ukraine to study in the Preparatory.
The university also offers post-graduate studies in 53 specialties. The programs of the school are adapted to modern conditions to ensure compliance with the world standard.