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Do you want to know the main secrets of the happiness? Then you need to date Ukrainian women. These ladies are really special and can change man’s life for better. So, to become loving husband of Ukrainian beauty, first of all you need to know how to win her heart and how to impress her. At the great online dating platform you will be able to find main tips that will ease your task.

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How to surprise a girl at a date. To surprise a girl at a real date is very easy. Many guys come to a meeting with a bouquet of flowers, some prefer more useful and tangible gifts, such as cosmetics, perfumes, household appliances, soft toys, souvenirs, etc. You can surprise a girl by arriving on the first date on a beautiful limousine and invite her to ride around the evening city. As a rule, in such limousines there is always champagne, glasses and sweets, that is, you will spend this time not only in a beautiful car, on and also you will be able to relieve a bit the stress that could arise due to an unexpected surprise. Much of course depends on the duration of your relationship, for example, if you recently met, then you can surprise a girl with a simple trip to an expensive restaurant.

How to surprise the girl in bed. If you just start a joint sex life with a girl, then you do not need to try to surprise your girlfriend, but it's enough just to show how much you are ready to give her maximum pleasure. To do this, give her maximum attention, try to notice what movements and postures bring her maximum enjoyment. If you are with a girl together for more than one year and the sexual attraction is not as strong as before, then it is needed to think about what can be changed in sex.Study the Kamasutra, remember the most convenient for you poses, read about erogenous zones, try to have sex in an unusual for both of you places. Pay more attention to the preludes, not to the sex itself, you may need to learn how to do erotic massage.

How to surprise a girl with a gift. Have decided to surprise your girlfriend with a gift?! Then make the right choice. If you want to make a real surprise, do not give her what she has been thinking about the last two months. Try to choose the thing that she dreams about for a long time, but still could not get it. The gift must be very welcomed on the one hand, but on the other hand she should not even  guess that you will be able to give it. After the choice is made, it's now time to pack the gift in a beautiful wrapping paper. It will be even better if you put your surprise in a large box beforehand so that the girl could not guess what is inside. Putting a gift in a box, make sure that it will not break, otherwise the whole holiday will be spoiled.

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How to surprise a girl on a first date. The first date can change everything and a lot of things depend on it. Try to organize the first date in such a way in order interest a girl. As we already wrote, girls are different, which means they will like different things. Learn about the tastes of the girl you can at her friends. Ask them if she likes romance, how she treats gifts, whether she likes animals, what drinks she drinks, what flowers she likes. Also, you should study her social network page, it can also tell you a lot of useful things: about her interests, her favorite music, about her favorite genres of films, etc. And based on this information, build the first date.