Top-3 sites to meet Russian women for love, fun, and more

The list of Russian dating sites we recommend, and the reasons why

Russian women are smart and sexy, although it’s such a rare combination. They have also got strong values and go out only with someone they greatly like. Do you want to be such a special person?

Then use one of these Eastern European dating sites and find your perfect match easily! We collected the best recommended platforms where gorgeous and genuine single girls prevail.

No. 3 Russian dating site

Victoriadates.comis a highly rated dating site with a vast database of Russian and Ukrainian women. It exists since 2013 and offers qualitative services including a strong anti-scam policy.

Its users admit the young age and serious intentions of the girls, their readiness to meet, and convenient features of the site. Positive reviews prevail and attract even more customers.

marriage minded Russian women

No. 2 Russian dating site is a famously effective site that offers thousands of single Russian and Ukrainian beauties. Like many other popular sites, it’s pay-per-service and credit-based.

For legitimate dating sites like this one, it’s an advantage as all girls are pre-selected and approved. Not only their IDs, but also their intentions are checked in all ways.

No. 1 Russian dating site only begins its work in Russian dating field, but its success is already impressive. Like the previous platform, it mostly presents women from Ukraine.

Its pricing system is membership-based so one doesn’t need to buy extra credits all the time. This site definitely says a new word in dating industry, since it really has many useful aspects.

In fact, it combines the advantages many other dating sites don’t have or have separately, such as compatibility tests, verified IDs, personal dating consultants, global gifts delivery, and so on.

For example, on other platforms, gifts delivery is provided only in a certain region, since it is performed by one or several local agencies. While here the chain is more universal.

By male users’ words, on one really feels and understands for what he is paying, and the reward is pretty noticeable since many success stories already take place.


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Why are Ukrainian girls present on Russian platforms?

The main explanation is a common language. Russian dating sites aren’t just for habitants of Russia, they are for all Russian-speaking women and there are many of them in Ukraine.

This phenomenon has historical roots and is mostly connected with the USSR period during which people of 100 nationalities all spoke Russian. Ukraine is one of the closest neighbours of Russia.

Of course, this friendship starts to slow down and fade away due to the latest political events but Russian language still severely prevails in Ukraine so it’s convenient for girls to use Russian sites.

Ukrainian women’s beauty is another important factor. Since the owners of Russian marital agencies, sites, and apps have a commercial interest in Ukrainian brides, they keep the line.

For western men, it creates a pleasant variety since Ukraine has a warmer climate, more resort cities with beaches, lower prices, tastier cuisine, and girls are more focused on travelling.

Some European men need visa for entering Russia which is very annoying, and don’t need any visa for entering Ukraine. That is a huge factor for taking a decision as well.

Returning to the language issue, it’s very convenient to know a few Russian sentences that would help both in Russia and Ukraine. So, single men cannot be any happier about this weird fact!


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How to differ marriage minded Russian women from hookup girls?

Russian women are a wife material and it will never change. No matter how hard some of them party in the youth, they picture themselves as sexy housewives and want a good husband.

In a way, it resembles American women’s way of thinking 50 years ago. Some Russian and Ukrainian women are ambitious enough to work or start a business but they are family oriented.

For many, there’s no such a definition as vocation, as they work to survive and pay basic bills. The hardship is more severe than in the US which becomes the ground for gold-diggers.

But, sincere women are very much relieved to receive any kind of help from a man too, as more as Russia and Ukraine are still rather patriarchal and consider a man to be the main provider.

So basically, all women in this region have a commercial interest in a foreigner, but serious women want to date him for a long run while shallow girls want his wallet only.

There are several useful recommendations on how to differ those categories from each other. It’s understandable that older women are generally more serious, as it starts to tick after 35.

Another hint is that a girl shouldn’t spend too much money on her appearance. That’s a bad tendency and it makes her use her admirers as objects sucking all the money from their bank accounts.

Russian and Ukrainian women’s advantage is the ability to look great without big expenses. If they cannot or don’t want to do that, it’s probably not your type.

You can also inspect her views and her mother’s position from the beginning. If they both think a woman’s place is on the golden throne built by a man, run away as fast as you can.  

In this regard, it’s more fair and honest to be an escort girl and there are many of them in Odessa and other cities, than to pretend they are serious and then rip off their foreign boyfriends.

It’s rather hard to find a girl in one of those countries who would seek hook-ups only, without any financial reward. So if that is your purpose of search, use some good strategies.


Russian dating site

The best strategies to find a hookup girl in Ukraine and Russia

It can happen that you’re after casual sex only, and Russian hottness is one of your turn-ons. No problem! The world is changing and even former USSR becomes sexually progressive.

The first thing that is going to help you, is an alcohol. Try to pickup a hot Russian or Ukrainian girl right in the nightclub. As we mentioned, they like to party!

For sure, Russian and Ukrainian nightclubs are places where you have to be especially careful since securities are cruel even towards the locals and waiters are in fact thieves.

That’s why it’s much safer to find a hookup girl online, either on a special hookup app or on the marital site but in a special section of it. For example, many of them offer a private gallery of girls.

AnastasiaDate, particularly, used to have a lingerie gallery and other themed photo contests. You surely understand that such frank galleries, paid separately, do not contain marriage-minded girls.

But these aren’t the only ways to hookup with a Russian or Ukrainian woman. Another category with great perspectives is milfs, or bored housewives with children.

You can basically meet them everywhere online and offline, since too many females are unhappy with their local guys and want some fun for making a difference.

It may sound trivial but the best way to seduce such hot matures is complimenting their children in the parks and squares. But be extremely soft and polite otherwise you’ll look suspicious.

Normally, all Russian and Ukrainian women speak some English, so they’ll gladly support a simple conversation and start complaining about their life or sharing their kids’ achievements.

pickup a hot Russian or Ukrainian girl

Catch the moment and ask whether they are single, or at least bored in their relationship. Both of you will have phones or iPads with you so it’s not a problem to translate.

All Russian women are intrigued by foreigners and the possibility to have a fling with them, without exception. So it’s a guarantee for you that you’ll quickly find a casual partner in Russia.

But don’t forget that it’s more typical for Slavic girls to think about the future and search for a long-term mate with marriage perspectives. Respect their feelings if they want something more profound.