Russian women for hookups: why are they the best?

Top reasons to come to Russia for sex

Lots of men prefer to travel to cold Russia for finding a wife, as women’s values and beauty are very qualitative there and it’s worthy of long travelling. But what about hook-ups?

Some westerners think it makes more sense to seek casual lovers locally without putting so many efforts. But there are many reasons to search for Russian lovers exactly!

First of all, Russia and Ukraine became popular destinations for summer travelling, so why not to combine that with some pleasant physical moments? The Moscow Kremlin is spectacular.

Saint Petersburg will always be super popular thanks to its castles and waterplaces. It looks majestic and offers many activities for tourists. Girls are very attractive there too!

Ukraine comes with even more opportunities. Odessa is totally beyond competition thanks to its picturesque and relaxing beaches, delicious local cuisine, and gorgeous girls.

As a big international harbour, Odessa used to be a capital of mixed marriages that’s why girls here look so exotic and hot. All possible genes are combined in their sweet bodies.

You won’t find this phenomena in other cities of Ukraine. Although Berdyansk, Skadovsk, Koblevo also consist of beautiful peaceful beaches with hot tanned girls taking rest there.

Kyiv is a nice place for vacations simply because it’s a capital. But it’s one of the greenest capitals in the world, trees are greatly cherished there. The architecture is beautiful as well.


Kyiv girls are a bit more spoiled and materialistic, but at the same time more open-minded regarding sex. So it’s not a problem to find a Kyiv hookup girl online.

As you can see, Russian and Ukrainian women are a great bonus for everyone who decided to spend a cheap and memorable vacation in those countries. They are so perfect for summer flings.

But that’s not all, some western men also attend them for work and business, especially Kyiv and Moscow. So it doesn’t hurt to make some acquaintances in advance!


How to seduce a sexy Russian girl?

Even the most open-minded girl likes to be seduced. It’s a women’s nature and she is getting more excited this way. So how to seduce a girl from another culture driving her totally crazy?


Russian girls differ a lot from American or British girls, that’s for sure. Unless they are daughters of oligarchs, they used to live a modest life and had a highly disciplined childhood.

Although not many people in Russia and Ukraine are religious, still moral norms and restrictions are somewhat limiting and harsh. It makes women want courtship and romance.

They’re kind of afraid to look less decent if they express their desires too freely. That’s why Russian hotties are relieved to date a foreigner who expects them to be as open sexually as possible.

In their own society, they are constantly judged for so-called misbehaviour although their environment is rather hypocrite than conservative. Short skirts, tattoos, and kisses on a public are a shock.

Propaganda of old-fashioned values is especially strong in Russia. Women are constantly reminded about long national dresses and quiet manners their female ancestors had centuries ago.

Special sects, communities, and Internet portals are created for this purpose. No wonder that Russian girls want to escape from the social guardianship and set themselves free.


So basically all you have to do for seducing them, is contacting them online, complimenting them, and setting up the date. Smile, joke, send nice photos, and show them you’re safe enough.

Following these simple rules will allow you to get closer to the topic and discuss the preferences of the two of you, or just meet and hookup immediately!

Ukraine is much more pro-European so girls actually feel at ease with their local guys as well. Plus, the drinking problem among men is less typical for Ukraine and women get a better sex.

Therefore, they need some extra motivation for choosing you over locals. But don’t worry, sweet exciting compliments and romantic gifts are totally enough for that.

There is a universal key to Ukrainian girls’ hearts and bikinis, it’s travelling. Freedom and keeping active is in their blood, so you can combine sex with a short trip together.

Take her for a getaway to Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria just for a weekend, and you’ll never forget your hot night or two together. Ukrainian women for hookups are extremely passionate!


Things Russian women prefer in sex

Since Slavic females have a high sex drive, they are basically in a constant search of a perfect lover who would finally satisfy them. Western men have more credentials in their eyes.


Russian girls know that foreigners exercise more, have a bigger experience in a bed, and a different mentality that encourages them to care about their woman.

While Russian men drink instead of exercising, repeat the same short scenario with all women mostly consisting of doggy style, and don’t give a heck about women’s sensations.

If you count on her bright orgasm that would flatter you and raise your self-esteem, or want her to meet you more than once, you can satisfy her in a way no one did before, and she’ll be yours!

So, if you’re a passionate oral sex giver, do not limit yourself: pamper your Russian sweetie as long as you want. After this, give her the hardest banging session ever, and you’ll drive her crazy!

As for Ukrainian women, they used to more sophisticated and variable sex than Russians, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them. Light forms of BDSM and sex in public places are the minimum.

Ukrainian girls can be called romantic and artists when it comes to sex. For example, any of them would enjoy looking at the city nightlights from the balcony while being taken from behind.

So the ways to satisfy them are many, it mostly depends on what you prefer yourself and how adventurous you can get hooking up with the Ukrainian hottie.


How to breakup with a Russian girl and switch to another

Since the difference between you and her local men is so huge, she may not want to ever let you go. If a Russian girl really has a crush on you, it might take some time to cool her down.

First of all, preventing a problem is always easier than solving it so try to meet women anonymously. Many hookup apps are created for anonymous encounters.

But even if you met her on a traditional platform, it’s not obligatory to register your account under your real name or even show your photo. Do not give your personal email or a phone number.


Set up a meeting in a certain place and at certain time, get her interested with some compliment and souvenir, and leave as soon as you enjoyed your evening together.

After all, escaping from a girl who is in love with you, isn’t such a big deal. Just tell her it was casual and you are into another woman, if she still isn’t aware.

Men who want to stay gallant no matter what, present a goodbye gift. It can be a small bottle of perfume or even some money. Tell her she is the best but you need to come back to your country.

It’s better when girls never know your real plans and schedules. It allows you to stay the king of the situation and control your own time. Also it helps to have as many lovers in one week as you want.

Although men are trying to avoid sugar babies due of their materialistic attitude, it’s actually the best type of hookup girls. You can make an agreement with them in advance without any drama.

Not all of them are interested in money. If to talk about Russia and Ukraine, the majority just want new shoes or a nice entertaining trip. It sounds like a good and fair exchange.

Russian hookup apps offer all kinds of girls and options so you just have to choose. Even by going to the local nightclub, you have great chances to meet hookup girls and make them horny!