On the free dating sites more and more photos of Ukrainian brides can be found.

On the free dating sites more and more photos of Ukrainian brides can be found.


One of the problems of single business women in Kiev - they cannot find a life partner. Regardless of age, busy business women spend all their time at work and do not want to get acquainted with the first gentleman they can meet in a street. And here is one more moment – there are 118 women to 100 men ratio in Kiev. ‘By 30 years old the difference between the number of men and women in the capital increases. After 25 years old the probability of getting married falls sharply and after 40 years old becomes almost impossible’- according to the Institute of Demography and Social Studies. Let’s check the city statistics: in 2010, 20-24 years old - the ratio between MEN and WOMEN was 100 to 110; 30-34 years old – 100 to 118 and 50-54 years old – 100 to 139.


That’s why when the girl decided to become a member of the dating agency she has a chance to find her soul mate, all she needs to do – easy apply to the service of the international acquaintances.

The services for women are absolutely free. After spending an hour a lady can get into the database of many American and European dating services. But do not get lost in a thousand page catalog is not so easy.

The key to success is a beautiful picture. According to the professional photographer who works with the clients of marriage agencies for years and conducts of 4-5 photo-shoots per day, says the fashion in wedding photography has changed. Nowadays men prefer simplicity, they are not much interested in studio photos, they would love to see their future brides at home. For example, wearing apron in a kitchen or in a rocking chair with a book. Each country has its own requirements for the traditional photo. Americans are enthusiastic about the beauties in swimsuits. Europeans are more stringent: the girls in the photo must wear clothing. Especially demanding German men prefer dark bottom, light top, no open decollete, a wide smile and both hands in the frame – something like a disability test ))However, check out how Ukrainian brides look at the pictures


An indispensable condition is a minimum of makeup. The employees of agencies studied the tastes of Americans and Europeans and have come to the conclusion that they are afraid to death to marry girls of model looks, so shamelessly the beauties used them in the 90s. Especially the British men are afraid of them, because according to the British law in a case of divorce all the property of spouses will be divided in half. Here we can recall the case of Paul McCartney, who divorced Heather Mills and paid her $ 200 million of compensation. At the same time they have lived together only four years.