Best Russian and Ukrainian girlfriends: where to find them?

Why are Russian and Ukrainian women so good and decent?

There are legends around Eastern European brides and girlfriends worldwide. It’s not just a myth and all good stories are very well grounded! These women’s values are really a rarity in a modern world.

Since men who never travelled to Ukraine or Russia tend to adsorb negative stories from the Internet mostly, it makes sense to tell the pre-history of Slavic mentality a little.

Long ago, the Kievan Rus was a big cultural and Christian center in Europe. The education was very profound even in those ancient times, and there was a huge library.

After some time, it divided into Kievan and Muscovite Rus. Today, it’s Ukraine and Russia. The education was still playing a big role in both federations.

Eastern European brides and girlfriends

Kievan Rus has always consisted of communities so people had a voice and shared governmental responsibilities. There were not only knights but also rightful princesses.

While in Muscovite Rus, has quickly appeared the Tsar title, and this key figure was usually a man. Gradually, these two cultures started to differ from each other.

To make the long story short, the USSR was formed and it included much more countries than just Russia and Ukraine, and not only Slavic ones.

Since Russia had always been the imperial country ready to fight the war, it took the head role and former Kievan Rus had a secondary role. Still, the education level was super high in both countries.

Although the whole idea of USSR could be wrong and led people to a very limited lifestyle, the upbringing of children there was very idealistic and we still observe this tendency today.

Russian and Ukrainian women learn all kinds of arts and science in their childhood, they draw, paint, play musical instruments, do sports from swimming to ice-skating, and read a lot of books.

All this has a great influence on their personalities as adults, and they seek a decent man to create a perfect relation with, full of mutual care and exciting occupations.

Negatively minded people should understand, that Soviet Union depression crushed many people and particularly, created alcohol addicts, mostly among men.

Such broken families could not produce happy children so orphanages became a big part of Russian society. In Ukraine, this tendency is a bit weaker but the country is smaller respectively.

The girls you hear about who chose to be prostitutes abroad or scammers online, often come from these lowest society levels so the rest of Eastern European women cannot be judged by their example.

It’s much more typical for the majority of Slav women to treasure their man and children, have ideals and dreams, be a kind and soft person who understands others and does their best for people.


The Top-3 of Russian and Ukrainian dating apps

Both well-developed and less prosperous countries are technically equipped today, and it’s hard to imagine or name the place where people wouldn’t be using phone apps.

hot Russian girl

Russia and Ukraine are way too progressive in this meaning: people take loans from banks to buy iPhones, even if their salaries are very small. That’s pretty ridiculous sometimes!

But on another hand, it guarantees that all modest beauties from provinces who you would never meet otherwise, become available and can get in touch with you through the dating apps.

No. 3. LovePlanet

This dating app is equally popular in Russia and in Ukraine. At the same time, women are already prepared to meet foreigners online and it’s not a shocking thought for them.

LovePlanet is loved by western men because it can be used for free. Finding a hot Russian girl for free isn’t such a frequent thing in our world! Of course, there are certain limitations as well.

Russian and Ukrainian women

For example, in a free version, you can exchange messages with a girl you liked, only if both of you favourited each other. Otherwise, you can only send her virtual gifts but not a message.

On another hand, paid version isn’t very expensive and it allows you to communicate without any restrictions. There are plenty of beautiful women both for serious relationship and for hook-ups.

No. 2. Mamba

This app is both famous and infamous, but still used by western men a lot. It also can be used for free and contains thousands if not millions Russian and Ukrainian singles.

Although it is mostly focused on local dating, more and more westerners are being registered each year and many of them find mates for a vacation or longer. So it’s an effective one.

sport Russian and Ukrainian singles

Among the flaws, we would list the appearance of girls which isn’t always super attractive, and inability of some of them to speak English. But the majority of them do.

No. 1. Brilic

This dating appis still considered new, although many success stories are already connected with it. It used to focus on Asian dating at first, but then spreaded its database worldwide.

It became popular among Eastern European women thanks to its innovative features and free status for female users. At the same time, reliable men are pre-selected by rather high price.

It attracts women who have serious intentions and want to find a life partner, because the pre-selection is already done for them and only financially secure men are present in the database.

The advantage of this app for men is that girls aren’t signed up via their local dating agencies, they date independently. It means, expensive extra services are excluded and no one perceives you as a client.

In general, men who used Brilic admit the high quality of Russian and Ukrainian women there, their sincere intentions, readiness to meet, and ability to speak English.

This phenomenon can be explained by the intense promotion of the app in countries of Eastern Europe. Many dating blogs in Russian enlighten Brilic advantages and keep the interest high.


How to detect the best Russian girlfriend online

Many single men have only experienced online dating on commercial platforms that’s why their impressions are pretty stereotypical. But genuine Russian dating differs a lot.

A genuine Russian or Ukrainian girl doesn’t send you too sweet, too poetic, or too naughty greetings. It’s too professional and she would never do that. She sounds very normal.

It means, she may say a plain hello, or even criticize you a little bit for something, but don’t perceive it negatively. It only means she sincerely wants to find a partner, and she has healthy doubts.

It’s even a better sign if a Russian girl is a bit jealous towards other women you are corresponding with. Would you prefer her to be completely ignorant? We bet not.

So expect her to be alive person, with emotions, doubts, provoking questions, sharing things about her past, and all the rest which makes a woman real. It’s much better than a scammer.

As to the money, a sincere Eastern European woman would never ask you first about something. And when you already presented gifts or gave her the money, she is happy like a child.

Ukrainian dating apps

She may be jumping or dancing of excitement that you treat her so well and solved her torturing issue. But a scammer or a gold digger perceives your help as something natural!

They do not celebrate it and do not show much affection after. That is a difference you should remember about, if you want to avoid disappointments.

Although genuine Russian women are more promising for your common future than gold diggers, sometimes it’s hard to deal with them as well. Take this into account.

They might have health issues, family issues, job issues, just like you and me. So it’s advisable to either learn a girl’s situation much in advance or chose the non-problematic one.

In this case, it will be a girl who is into sports so her health is stronger; the one whose parents are focused on other siblings or who mind their own thing; and the one who earns well.

You’ll have plenty of very different options on Russian and Ukrainian dating apps so you can chose the best Slavic girlfriend accordingly to your interests and possibilities.

It makes you a happy man who has found his soulmate or at least a perfect candidature for an unforgettable summer fling. Russian and Ukrainian women are the most famous worldwide!